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[Grell is in such a Ripper mood right now. Anyone dare approach?]

Anonymous sent:
Why did you kill Madam Red.


"Mmm~, going right for the gut, are you? Of course, I can’t expect much else. I suppose I shall entertain the question.

"There is much speculation as to why I did the dirty little deed. Which story does the grey ball believe to be true? Are you truly going to believe the tale I choose to tell, hmm?

"I took her life because she wanted me to. I did it out of love. I did it in a fit of rage. Take your pick…or perhaps, they are all true."



ask if they regretted something or wanted to do something else, ask what they were thinking when they did something, ask what they think of another canon character. ask.


In The Light Of Day by SweetLittleVampire

A request made by my dear friend sutcliff1799 - it´s her dear friend Amber, who obviously cosplays as Elsa – and she´s fabulous at it. :D
This is Faith´s favourite shot of Amber, so she asked me to draw it. As it shows her in all her glory, we decided to pick the “In The Light Of Day”-line as image title.
If there´s a real life Elsa faceclaim, it´s definitely her for me.

Hope you two enjoy! :D

Frozen © Disney

[Grell has escorted this beautiful snow queen around, and thus he wants her on his blog.]

Kuromyu 2014




Starts rehearsal TOMORROW!!!

I’m probably gunna be an ass after this but I get a strange feeling of disaster once this musical comes out in september cause really the Two charles don’t FULLY debut until 3 books on aka the Book of Murder so seeing them before hand without their disguises aka their shades is still gunna be weird.

Yeah because letting two canon characters debut a little earlier is sure to ruin the whole plot. The policemen are barely relevant but nobody seems to have a problem with them. Yes this is the first time the musical is based on manga plot but who in the world would risk screwing the Jack the Ripper story up just so the two Charles can shine? Not to mention Matsushita Yuya said in an interview that the musical will stick to the manga canon. People have all sorts of concerns before anything comes out but these worries just tend to, how should I put it, die away eventually.

[As I wrote on my facebook this morning, folks just always want to find the downsides in their fandoms. The coat issue, now this? Come on, guys! Enjoy it! Be happy! Wish the cast good luck and for death’s sake, already, be POSITIVE. Jeez.

Wishing the cast lots of good things in rehearsal’s. Getting more psyched for this show every day :D]


I don’t know, guys, but next week’s episode focuses on Sebastian and William’s epic roommate war and I thought that’s at least a tiny bit more important than what they showed in the preview.

The title of next episode is “That Butler, Colleagues”.

And they will talk about Grell OMG I need a gif where a character squeezes its face really hard and repeatedly coz that’s how I feel right now.

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[…meh, unfortunately couldn’t find a bigger version of the manga cap.

But does everyone feel that? Feel that in the air? It’s coming. I can feel it coming! I knew there was a reason I liked this publicity shot so much. Favorite moment in the manga that we were denied in the anime. Come on, Lycoris! Don’t let me down!]

It kinda bothers me how Grell is wearing his red coat which was Angelina’s first… He took it from her after he killed her. yet now there is two coats? (Random observation)

I noticed that too, maybe it was just for the shoot? I don’t think they are keeping it for the musical.|

And Madam’s one is actually of a much better quality (looking-wise at least)

Madam has a different coat if you look closely. You see it better on other shots, but the one she´s wearing is rather different from the one Grell takes later on. So there literally still is just only one coat…maybe they´ll keep the red one for Grell because he´s more recognisable with it? I mean it´s not accurate, but it´s the only explanation I have.

I don’t want that, no, I want the one fucking jacket on Madame Red, not Grell… I’m sorry I just want it like that…

[It’s for publicity. Everyone relax. Again, the first musical, the VERY first, he was in butler attire for 2 out of his 3 scenes. They put him in REAPER attire in the souvenir program because that is GRELL. When people hear his name, that is how they envision him. This is strictly for publicity. Let’s all chill and relax, all right? Awesome.]

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Liv Moon’s cover of Andew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera



Sebastian Michaelis; 黒執事 カカシ班

Ask my muse increasingly personal questions. See how far you can push them.

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So Lovething and I were waiting at the bus stop just chillin when I looked over and


Is that a lawnmower on the roof


It’s a fucking lawnmower 

O-oh, looks like Ronald Knox is in trouble again…

"RONALD!!! Damn it, now we’re both going to get it! Will said not to do this again!"


Yana Toboso scribbles 





Sensei, stawp.

(somebody translate this if you want)