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Undertaker was extremely excited to chill himself to the bone with this challenge. I dare say he was even giddy. He had been challenged by Grell and wanted so desperately to make the Noise Box (William) do the challenge but sadly he had already done it. Instead he has challenged his treasure, Cecelia Wells and any others who wish to give it a try.


I am sorry for the video quality. Of course when I need my camera is when it dies. I had to use my phone instead. Bleh. Also I don’t look as nice as I would in photos because I cut prep time down to like 10 minutes because it was just going to wash all off and ruin my cosplay anyway. So yeah enjoy though. 

As a note the muns for Grell, William and Cecelia did their challenges on their facebooks and I am not sure if they shared on tumblr.  I am just sharing over here because I was in cosplay.
I also donated before I got challenged so don’t worry, I’m not just wasting water and not helping
Donate -> http://www.alsa.org/donate/

As always you can see my cosplay things on my Facebook as well ~

"So proud~!"



((The original art can be found here - RED MOON by エミ - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))

Screw angst, make my muse genuinely smile in one sentence or less.

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I’m so happy I saw my dorky William and his fellow pigeon friend

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[Kuro fandom. You have once again embarrassed me. Go sit in your corner.]


Kuroshitsuji ep8 preview



Midnight Gardens by SweetLittleVampire

This lovely fellow is Victor and belongs to lordonisyr. Real fun to draw! I suggest reading her fan fiction “This Immortal Coil” if you want to find out more about him. :D


My beautiful beautiful Victor! Eeeee! <3<3<3


Kuroshitsuji: William T. Spears by K-Koji

Took way too long to finish, but with the crappy summer Ive been having, Im just glad i did at all lol.

This blog is ship war free!


I have my ships, you have yours. That´s fine with me.

This is my opinion. Feel free to disagree and have a different one. I´ll respect it as long as you respect mine and I won´t force you to agree with my views as long as you don´t force me to adopt yours. Let´s be diverse  and adult enough to agree to disagree if need be, and enjoy different aspects of the same thing.


The Scarlet Duo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[YES!! FINALLY! THIS IS BEAUTYMOUS! Happy birthday, Muse darling.]


うぃるぐれ by くりもなか

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"Happy birthday to me~…"

[Disclaimer: It’s sad I have to put this, but I feel I must. This is not the canon birth date of Grell. This is solely for my personal muse used in RP, writing, and cosplay - if you were to approach me while I am in Grell, and ask, this is the date you’d get. Thank you to enduringreaper for bestowing this day upon him.]


Grell in #31 :’D


Fun Fact(s)???


Ronald has never interacted with Grell in the anime.

Which means if it weren’t for the hilarious Web Radio mini drama, KENN and Fukuyama Jun would have never had the chance to even hold a proper IC conversation.

I hope this /fact/ become obsolete when Book of Circus ends. Because it’s a shame that my Kuroshitsuji brotp is not getting any screentime together this far into the story. T^T And you can’t always give Ronald one-liners and cameos okay? He’s like that in the OVAs and BoC so far. I can never get enough of KENN’s voice so please let him speak more. =A=

It also reminds me that Ronald is the only manga character who appeared in the musical before being introduced to the anime. :p